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After taking several thousands of photographs, most of which were hidden on my computer or, even worse, lost forever, I realized the day had happened to create a blog.

A blog, considered as the opportunity to sort and show a selection of my photos - synthesizing is however not my main strength and the selection still contains several hundreds of photographs - to my loved ones, my entourage and even - let's be crazy - to people I don't even know. This is also the opportunity to share some tips I gathered along my different trips.

I would love to share with you the 1,001 beauties I could see, the poetry which erupts and the emotion I could feel during my journeys - in Latin America or Europe mainly…

My photographs mix serious & absurd, nature & city, fauna & flora, portraits & landscapes, posed & spontaneous… the spectrum is broad.

So,  wide open your eyeballs ("globe oculaire" in french, hence the name of my blog :))

© Constance Du Bois, 2020

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